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hi everyone!

this is a bit of a different post to normal, because i have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award by the fabulous Thoughts in Life (you should check out her blog by the way, it is aMAZING and really worth your time)! this is my first ever award nomination. should i be saying something emotional like they do at the oscars? eh, who can be bothered, instead, i’ll say something short and inspirational. *insert cheesy inspirational tumblr quote here*

the rules are:

  • thank the person who nominated you in a blog and link back to their blog
  • answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you
  • nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • list these rules and display the sunshine blogger award on your post and/or on your blog

thank you Thoughts in Life for setting me these amazing questions. prepare for some personal answers that are probably the result of a few minutes of crying trying to make decisions. also, sorry for overly long answers, for some reason i get really emotional over some of these things.

1. who is your hero?
that would definitely be mrs hudson from sherlock. that woman puts up with sO MUCH bullshit from john and sherlock; she is my idol. i mean, sherlock will just walk through the door covered in blood holding a harpoon, or she will be held freaking hOSTAGE, and it’s just a normal day at baker st. AND (spoilers) she drives a sports car. seriously.

2. what is one of your favourite memories?
hmmmm *strokes nonexistent beard*. that is kind of a hard one considering what an awful memory i have. probably a more recent one of me and my friends at the beach together shoving each other off a pontoon and just generally having about fifty tonnes of fun. (if any of you are reading this i love you guys xx)

3. what was the last lie you told someone?
i think that would be about three hours ago when i was writing this post and i told mum that i was coming up with story ideas. yeah, she doesn’t know i have this blog. whoops. but i mean, i think i need to keep some things private from my parents for once.

4. what is your favourite pizza topping?
pick anything that’s on top of a domino’s meatlovers, and that’ll be it. i’m a bit of a domino’s addict.

5. do you enjoy spending time with your family?
i do and i don’t. my parents can be a bit humiliating and get angry at me in public quite a bit, and my sister can be a real pain. but my parents can also be really supportive and loving, and my sister can be really sweet.

6. what is an activity you do with your family?
one thing my mum always makes us do when we go on holidays is go on really long walks. like 4 hours long, and often across sand dunes. and i know she intends it to be a fun family activity, but sorry mum, with me, being an unfit piece of shit, i am usually so exhausted after about an hour that i have no time to admire whatever ocean view we were meant to appreciate.

7. what makes a conversation awkward for you?
oh, just the fact that i’m in the conversation. seriously though, i will always completely shipwreck a conversation by cracking a joke that no one else gets, mumbling something that i have to repeat about five times, or revealing something a little bit to dark and personal that makes people just stare at me. and then i will make it worse by saying “…well, this is awkward” and laugh halfheartedly, at which point i just have to leave. i’m a bit of a walking disaster.

8. which emoji is your least favourite?
🤡. i’m sorry for having to even put that on my blog, clowns are fucking creepy.

9. what are you afraid of?
my future. i’m constantly terrified of being indecisive about what to do in my life, and being alone and unhappy for the rest of it. also bees.

10. what does a perfect breakfast consist of for you?
fluffy french toast soaked in maple syrup berries and about a bucketful of bacon. yeah, yeah i know it’s unhealthy af, but i’ve kind of given up on the whole healthy eating thing.

11. would you rather spend the day at the beach or in the snow?
snow, all the way. living in australia, i get to go to the beach really often (i was there yesterday), but i have only seen snow once before, and that wasn’t really real snow, it was mostly artificial because it was too hot for the snow to stay frozen. the idea of going skiing in a winter wonderland and then curling up in front of a fire with a mug of hot chocolate just seems so idyllic to me.

here are the questions i have come up with and attempted to make interesting:
1. if you had two weeks left to live, what would you do?
2. what is your OTP and why? (if you have a few just pick one)
3. icecream or hot chips?
4. if you could bring a fictional character to life, who would it be?
5. when you are studying/working, do you listen to music, and if so, what sort?
6. what was the last tv show/movie/book that you cried about?
7. if you met you (hopefully that makes sense), would you like yourself as a person? why/why not?
8. what is your favourite sort of fast food?
9. who is your least favourite celebrity?
10. if you had to choose between saving the lives of your closest friends or your family, who would you choose? (sorry)
11. what is your dream job?

and my nominations are… *drum roll*

please go check out these guys’ blogs- they are incredible people and really worth your time. thank you again Thoughts in Life for the nomination!

see you again soon,


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